My books

Williams Nature HandbookBflyBkCover2ed copy

The Nature Handbook describes and explains patterns in nature that one can readily observe; it includes more than 500 color photos to illustrate these patterns (2005; Oxford Univ. Press).

The Stokes Butterfly Book (originally The Butterfly Book) is a co-authored introduction to the taxonomic groups of butterflies and common butterflies, with advice about butterfly gardening. (2007; Little, Brown and Co.)

The Nature Handbook and The Stokes Butterfly Book are readily available from local bookstores as well as from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Pathways to Excellence in Teaching is an edited volume of essays about different approaches to their disciplines taken by highly recognized teachers (2012; Richard W. Couper Press). I was the editor and a contributor.

A Marsh for All Seasons is an edited volume of information and activities published locally by the Utica Marsh CAJ bk cover FINALCouncil (UticaMarshBkCvr1991). I was the editor and coauthor.  Contact me directly if you are interested in either of these.